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The Justice-Knights issue 12 is now live!

Under threat of being killed by their own planet's security forces,
Lady Inferus and Dr. Frostburg find themselves trapped,
surrounded and hunted all at the same time. Meanwhile the other
Justice-Knights, lead by Dark Synaspe, confront the malicious
tycoon Mr. Cyril. Prepare for the other side of the downward spiral.-5/12/14

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Thank you! -11/22/13

The Justice-Knights issue 11 is now live!

Rumor has it that CyCorp is about to make the deal of the decade and that
doesn't sit right with some. While most of the Justice-Knights suffer from a communication blackout, Lady Inferus and Dr. Frostburg find
themselves on a sinking deathtrap.-8/03/13

The Justice-Knights return!

Still healing from their encounter with Obedience, the Justice-Knights
are barely holding together as members quit left and right. It is at this time of vulnerability that an old enemy in a new form decides to strike. -6/05/13

Stalktress issue 3 is live!

Sin Stalker continues to investigate the distribution of extremely
dangerous illegal drugs while training his new sidekick, Stalktress. Starting
at the bottom and working their way up, Stalktress stumbles onto
an echo from her past! -8/28/12

Issue 9 Now Live!

The end of the first multi-issue story arc is finally here!
The Justice-Knights are finally together and they have a plan, but
will it be enough? With Obedience's true power yet to be unlocked, can
the Knights save the day or will more suffer? Find out. -7/2/12

Issue 8 Now Live!

The fifth part of the first multi issue story arch.
Like Statesman's Call several years earlier, Manticore's Call goes
out to the public; asking all citizens and heroes to rally against the evil
Cyril Corporation and the Justice-Knights. The stakes continue to
increase against the heroes of our story.

Issue 2 Now Live!

Cnidarico is a comic created solely by Aaron Nellis.
The second issue, A Rainy Day, follows a simple encounter Cnidarico
has with a citizen of Millennium City that causes a chain of events to create
one of Cnidarico's, and the city's greatest enemies.

New Series Now Live!

Cnidarico is a comic created solely by Aaron Nellis. It stars the bird headed hero Cnidarico as he struggles with being a hero in a world full of humans.
The first issue, Migration, follows the Avian hero as he just begins to feel comfortable among humans. His simple day is interrupted by an enemy from his past.

Issue 7 Now Live!

The fourth part of the first multi issue story arch continues as our heroes struggle to survive and find help. Find out the connection between CyCorp and the strange actions of Manticore! Know if this truly is Manticore or a fake! The end is nigh!

Stalktress #2 Now Live!

Stalktress is a mini-length ongoing comic series following the
progression of Sin Stalker's newest sidekick, Stalktress. Haunted by a horror
filled past, will she become the hero Sin Stalker thinks she can become
or will she descend into her own private hell of vengeance and despair?
The first two issues are now live.

Issue 6 is now live

The third part of the first multi issue story arch continues as our heroes struggle to survive and find help. Will they find the assistance they need or is a city filled with heroes that are turning against them going to be their final downfall?

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